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CRD Enterprises is manufacturers representative and distributor to the non-ferrous metal casting industries. We provide products for the zinc die casting and aluminum die casting industries as well as for others non-ferrous casting products.

Some of our products include:

Products for Zinc Die Casting

  • *Plunger Rings of Stainless Steel or Cast Iron - U.S. and Metric Sizes available. Nozzles, Ball Noses, Plungers and Plunger Rods made to order.

Products for Aluminum Casting

  • Plunger Tips - AMCAST - Exclusive - "Amalloy" Beryllium Copper Alloy
  • Shot Sleeves - D.T.I. - Build to your design. Competitively Priced. Excellent Deliveries. Send us your drawing for a quotation.
  • Shot Rods, Couplers, Split Rings, Shot Bushings - Replacement Machine Parts - DIECAST Equipment Co. - Send us your drawing for quotation.
  • *Hand Ladles & Skimmers - CHURCH METAL -- in stainless and mild steel.
    • *Auto Pour Ladles of Stainless Steel, for all ladlers
  • Ceramic Products - TAYLOR CONTROLS
    • Auto Pour Ladles - For all makes of ladlers; Custom Designs also available.
    • Thermocouples & Protection Tubes
    • Degassing Lances, Filter Boxes, Funnels, Launders
  • *Replacement Heating Elements for Low Energy Furnaces

Other Quality Products

INDUSTRIAL INNOVATIONS - Shot Sleeve Hones, Lube Proportioners, Reciprocating Sprayers, Process Monitors.

J & A ENGINEERING, INC. - Die Spray Manifolds for all makes of reciprocators.

DIECAST EQUIPMENT CO. - "Laser-Tru" - Shot End Alignment Tool

  • *Machine Mounts, Work Station Mats

* Denotes: Products stocked in our Lake Zurich facility for same day shipment of your order.

Also, please visit Die Cast Equipment Co. for the finest quality zinc or aluminum machine parts at very competitive prices.

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